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Core Services
Research and Evaluation

It is no coincidence that Research is our middle name. NOVA Research Company was formed to support biomedical and behavioral research, and has conducted our own primary research, being awarded R01, R03, R24, and R43/44 funding. We conduct our research and evaluation using the most current tools and technologies, while following best practices and HHS human research protection regulations and guidelines.

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Information Technology

NOVA has embraced technology since its founding, from its early adoption of Apple Macintosh computers for desktop publishing in the mid-1980s to use of personal digital assistants to collect survey data in the 1990s to development of smartphone applications and web-based data collection in the 2000s.

Moving ahead into the 2020s, we recognize that 21st century issues often require use of innovative 21st century technologies; NOVA has the expertise and foresight to know how and when to integrate new technologies into our service repertoire.

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Communication, Outreach, and Science Writing

Communication is the common thread that links all of NOVA’s services. At times, we use our communications and science and technical writing capabilities to disseminate findings from our research support and evaluation projects or events we have convened for clients; other times, we use information technologies and science writing to conduct outreach or to share information with stakeholders and target audiences. In all cases, we strive to write in a manner that conveys messages to target audiences as clearly as possible in plain language with ample illustrations.

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Event Planning

Bringing people together for a common purpose, whether it's a scientific conference, grant review, community health fair, or internal stakeholder strategy session, is both an art and a science. Under conditions of COVID-19, NOVA has pivoted to virtual meetings. Our staff convene meetings for small groups and for hundreds of attendees. We have become expert in many web-based platforms preferred by the government and can efficiently identify the best platform for virtual meeting requirements. NOVA meeting planners have the necessary skills and innate creativity—honed from years of experience and hundreds of events—to navigate the fine details for each event and to know what will work, why, and when. Having supported hundreds of small and large meetings for our clients, NOVA’s event staff take care of all the details, large and small, so our clients and their participants are free to focus on content.

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