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Research and Evaluation

NOVA Research Company performs a variety of research activities, from providing a broad spectrum of research support services to conducting Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and contracts aimed at inNOVAtive product development. NOVA's research and research support teams have provided a full range of services, including preparing behavioral research and SBIR applications, supporting research patient recruiting, conducting research data collection and analysis, performing research program evaluations, and, ultimately, producing and disseminating research findings. NOVA's experience with SBIR product development covers a range of topics, including disseminating drug use prevention and training information, designing and programming software for complex research questionnaire development and administration, developing disease risk screening instruments, writing special behavioral research books, and designing and implementing complex databases to store and analyze research support data. These projects have involved using a wide range of media—from detailed handbooks and textbooks created with robust research and writing, high-tech products produced utilizing web technologies, programming software applications for qualitative and quantitative research data collection and analysis, and state-of-the-art handheld devices for field survey administration.

Types of research support services provided by NOVA include:

  • Program and research portfolio analysis
  • Program process, outcome, and impact evaluation
  • Survey instrument design, development, administration, and data warehousing
  • Quantitative data analysis and reporting
  • Qualitative analysis and reporting
  • Research tools and educational product R&D
  • Scientific writing and publication assistance.

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